4 January 2013

Kiehl's Edinburgh Review

I was recently invited along to the Kiehl's store in Edinburgh to have a chat with the lovely Cheree about my skincare and generally hear a little more about the brand. I've always been intrigued by Kiehl's as a brand but haven't ever tried it out before so it was great to go alone to a stand alone store and hear all about it first hand. 

After a little chat about the (frankly adorable) history of Kiehl's and how it started as an old school chemist, Cheree did a full skin consultation with me. It's something i really appreciated as i've been getting more and more into skincare recently but have never felt like someone really took a look at my skin and tell me what it's 'really' like. I have extremely dry skin to the point of flaking and just because that's not annoying enough, it's also extremely sensitive and reactive. I told Cheree all about this which she of course took into consideration, but she also did a nifty little skin test with two mini tabs, one held against my forehead and the other against my cheek. These showed where the different areas of my skin ranked in terms of oilyness and actually showed that i do have some oilyness when i thought i was bone dry. It turns out although my cheeks are really dry, my t zone has quite a bit of oil. I loved this as it wasn't someone taking a look at my skin and telling me how it looked or taking my word for how i found it- it was real proof. This was a great part of an extremely thorough consultation where cheree gave me a full face, body and hair care routine recommendation, taking me through the detail of every product and letting me have a touch and feel of the products. The whole thing was so thorough and personalised in a way that i've never experienced with other brands and it gave me real faith in the recommendations i ended up with. 

I'm currently in the process of trying out the bits and pieces that Cheree gave me on the day which i'll tell you all about soon but in the meantime i'd definitely recommend popping into Kiehl's if you're in Edinburgh or have another store nearby. The best thing about my experience is that it wasn't something offered just because i'm a blogger- it's a standard experience that anyone can pop in for at any time and  if you are in the Edinburgh store, Cheree has been lovely enough to offer all of my readers a little goody bag with any purchase. Just mention One Girl and a Blog when you purchase!

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  1. Id love to try it here, it sounds great, especially how personialized you found it, cute!




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