14 March 2013

Google Reader Alternatives

As you may or may not know, Google is pretty much my life (or at least my living!) So every time something annoying happens in the big bad digital world, there's an email in my inbox before i'm even at my desk.

This morning one of those emails was about Google Reader and its imminent removal from internet land.

Now. I'm not going to say this didn't catch my attention. As a blogger and avid blog reader i use it every day and we all know peering at fluctuating follower numbers on Google Friend Connect is a guilty pleasure we all like to indulge in now and then. However, for one there's been no confirmation that the closure of Google Reader will automatically mean the end of GFC (although it does seem to follow since the two are intertwined.) Aside from that, what people fail to remember is that GFC is just a tech-phobes RSS reader and Google Reader is far from the best of those.

SO! What are the options for all of you lovely lot looking for a new RSS reader (and more importantly a new way to follow my sporadic posting?)

Feedly is a great aesthetically pleasing RSS reader that lets you aggregate your feeds for easy viewing. It's my new weapon of choice in the RSS world and this morning's news has given me the final shove i needed into organising everything into a manageable order as the mishmash of nail varnish and SEO tips wasn't quite sitting too well in my Google Reader. It's easy to use, there's a chrome extension available in the web store if you like everything readily available and of course a mobile version for on the go. There's also a handy option to instantly import your reader data by simply logging in via your google account so its a no brainer for tech phobes! A word of warning though, it's kind of suffering from Google Announcement Panickers at the moment so bare with it if it's looking a bit on the slow and clunky side for now. Once your there, if you like you can follow me here or by simply searching 'one girl and a blog.'

Bloglovin sometimes manages to accidently present itself as a reader only available to bloggers who have joined but it is just a simple RSS reader with a specific follow me badge thrown in for good measure. It's a great resource for finding new blogs and reading your old favourites all in one and they've also been quick to jump on today's Google news with a massive banner telling you you can import your google reader feed. You can do that here. You'll also find this little old blog on there by searching my name or right here with a big friendly follow button.

Those or my two main recommendations for our pretty fashiony, beauty, lifestyleish kinda world but there are of course a whole host of other RSS readers you can find- NewsBlur The Old Reader Fever NetVibes FeedDemon FeedReader are just a few. 

So there we have it, the world isn't over after all! Let me know what you think, what will be your new reader of choice?

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